Faith  Baptist Church had  very humble  beginnings in 1975. The "Hut" was our first  home. Those first days were interesting to say the least. The nursery was in the kitchen with a gas range,  we counseled people in  restrooms and we held classes on buses. When it  would rain we had to set out buckets during the service, and on  Wednesday nights Brother Billy  had to preach loud to drown out the softball games going on next door. In spite of the building limitations, God blessed and the  church began to grow. Within two years we  outgrew the American Legion  building and had to move. God provided a beautiful piece of property in Jackson Heights. The fact that we were a  two-year old church with no track record made getting a loan very  difficult. But God opened the door as He often did and construction  began at our new site. Many men took an entire week's vacation to work on the building. In a  matter of weeks we were ready to move into our new  building at our present Jackson Heights location. The church was  jam-packed on the first  Sunday as we sat in metal chairs. Those were  exciting days as we saw our  bus ministry expand; many were saved in homes and revivals and Kids Kusades became a yearly fixture at our church. As the  membership gre we added staff and began to expand the building section  by  section.
Each time we would expand the facilities God would fill them  up and we would have to expand again. The final expansion increased our  auditorium to 300 seats and provided a much needed community lobby for  our fellowship.

Our past is so much more than buildings and programs, it  is people. In the early days of our church it never ceased to amaze us  how God would always send the right person at the right time. An  electrician would show up just when we needed him, a  pianist arrived just in  time and that
teacher came just when we  needed her. We can verify the  saying "where God guides God provides".
History  review

In July of 1975, Billy Price and his  wife, Elaine, stepped out on faith and moved  to the Covington area to start  Faith Baptist Church. We have been  blessed to have Brother Billy as our  pastor for the last 35 years. August 2010 
marked our 35th  anniversary.

FBC held its first service in "The Hut", the American Legion  Building, at the city playground at 10:00 am on Sunday,  August 3, 1975.
There were 28 present in Sunday School with a combined Sunday school class  for adults taught by Brother Billy and a combined
Sunday school class  for children taught by Sister Elaine. There were 50 people present for the  11:00am worship service. At our very first
invitation David Wolfe and  Brian Bland accepted Jesus as their Savior. At 3:00pm and 7:00pm tha same day,  the film "The Burning Hell" was
shown  with over 100 people attending  each showing.

We look forward to God's continued guidance and direction  as we strive to reach the lost and hurting of our community.

Listed  below are some of the  historical highlights of Faith Baptist Church's  ministry:

8-13,  1975
- First revival held with Rev.  Frankie Hall.

- "Hour of  Faith" radio broadcast began; charter member signing service with 48  members;  began support of very first missionary (we presently  support 18  missionaries).

March 14,  1976
- Bus ministry  began.

May 29, 1977 - Our first   building facility was completed with 321 in attendance for the first  service.

1984 - The  McAllister  Addition was built (Sunday school addition) and dedicated "In
Memory" of Brother  Jim McAllister. Brother McAllister found the
land for our present  building and dedicated many hours and days to the erecting
of FBC. He will  always be remembered in our hearts.

1986 - Auditorium was  expanded; began camp scholarship.

1988 - Built our  present storage building an garage.

August   1990
- Held Note-Burning service (14th  anniversary), allowing us to be  debt-free.

June  1991
- Expanded the back parking lot 50  feet.

Fall 1992 - 
construction  began on our new Sunday school addition, which gave us five additional  classrooms.

September  1993
- Paved the  church driveway entrance and added handicap ramps to the front and back  porches.

October  29,  2000
- FBC celebrated 25th  Anniversary!

October 2001 -
 Expanded  and  graveled parking lot.

July 2002 -
Began   construction on remodeling and expansion of auditorium, foyer, sound room and   bathrooms.

November  17,  2002
- First Sunday in newly renovated  auditorium.

March 26,  2003
- Dedication  service for new auditorium.

October 2003 -
Completed  paving of parking lot.

September 11,   2005
- FBC celebrated 30th  Anniversary!

September    2010 
- FBC celebrated 35th  Anniversary!

September    2015
- FBC celebrated 40th  Anniversary!

Coming September 2020 we will be celebrating 45 years!